Terms of Service


All your content must be original. Your content will undergo our stringent verification process and will not be approved if found to be copied from another website. Plagiarism is unacceptable.


Initially, you must send us your content, whether is a .PDF or MS Word document. We will create the courses so that the design and structure of our website is not compromised. Fees start at $10.00 per 2 lessons.

You may charge the student at your discretion. Any unreasonable charges will be challenged and your courses will be taken down. There will be no exceptions.

We charge a 5% fee on all approved courses that are monetized.

How/When Do I get Paid?

You must have a PayPal (PayPal.com) or Zelle (zellepay.com) account to get paid. As soon as the courses selected and payment have been approved, you get paid!