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Chapter 3

Anthony March 22, 2020

Continue to quiet yourself for about 5 – 15 minutes of silence every day. Seek to thoroughly understand the Four Forces of Nature:

1. Gravitational

2. Electromagnetism

3. Strong Interaction—keeps a nucleus in atom

4. Weak Interaction—responsible for transmutation elements and radioactive decay.

Understand that the Universe is considered to be STATIC energy and our thoughts are DYNAMIC energy. We must understand that any thought (dynamic energy) will impact the Universe (static energy) and bring it to physical form based on the energy of the thought. If the thought is of fear, worry or doubt…it is the lowest of energy and will not bring about anything of real substance. Let your thought be of courage, love, faith, and beauty and you will see heaven on earth.

Understanding Techniques:

  • Understand that GRAVITY is what holds the planets, stars, the sun and the moon together. It literally assists us in our movement while we occupy this physical body.
  • Understand that ELECTROMAGNETISM is responsible for light, heat, and electricity. Anything that we are experiencing as energy is because of the electric and magnetic forces that are found within our universe are within our physical body. So, we are a human magnet—attracting what we are thinking.
  • Understand that STRONG INTERACTION is what holds us together. It is capable of holding the nucleus of an atom together—which is the essence of who we are. Without the strong interaction force we would not be this physical body.
  • Understand that WEAK INTERACTION is responsible for changing from one form to another (transmutation) and it is responsible of the instability of the atomic nucleus spontaneously losing energy by emitting particles and radiation (radioactive decay) This is where our cells can be found degenerating and regenerating. This force is literally allowing us to rebuild and transform ourselves a newer body.

Exercise 3:

Continuously study the formula below. We should understand how we are constantly being reduced to energy and how we are constantly being manifested into a physical form:

Force        =      agency that causes change

Energy       =     force in motion

Charge       =     pattern of energy (all electric currents—positive and negative

forces, attracting/forming thoughts)

Atom         =     constellation (group) of charges (our thoughts about a thing)

Molecule   =     constellation (group) of atoms (forming into some physical form)

Matter       =     molecules, atoms and charges (the actual physical form)

NOTE: It is important for us to understand that we are in control of this energy. Before we are fully manifested into a physical form we are flowing freely. We are becoming any form based on a thought, an idea or a concept. As we go about

desiring things, we will bring them in to manifestation.

Key Point: We need to know that we must have a purpose, a direction in order to manifest into a desired form. Remember, if our thoughts are scattered then we will produce scattered forms. Our thoughts must be whole; we must always be focused on what it is we desire to see in our lives.

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