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Chapter 2

Anthony March 22, 2020

Are you ready to play with this energy?! YES! Of course we are why remove the intangibles and the tangibles if we are not ready to play. Remember you are in control of this energy, directing it to go where you see and feel it to go. You are literally forming into trillions of subatomic particles (like on Star Trek when they say beam me up Scotty). Okay seriously, imagine that you are now trillions of cells free to explore the Universe.

Now you can’t even see yourself as trillions of cells you have literally dissolved back into pure energy, pure awareness, and pure consciousness. Wow! You are really ready to play with this energy now! Feel yourself flowing with this energy. Remember to focus on your breathing: Inhaling as your stomach expands and exhaling as your stomach contracts. Also make sure your tongue is gently touching the roof of your mouth while you are breathing.

Imagine that you are invincible, that you are all powerful, always present and all knowing. This is where you are when you are playing with the energy in the invisible. YOU ARE ALWAYS IN THE MOMENT OF NOW! Let’s go play with this energy!

NOTE:  We must continuously state “we are energy.” We’re playing this game in pure energy but the result will come to us in the physical form. We must constantly think that we are in the invisible form to avoid the many distractions that we have in our lives. Remember by thinking differently we begin to change the body’s chemistry which will ultimately change our current disposition

Playing Techniques:

  • As you see others, I want you to feel your energy playing with theirs. If you are sad and you observe someone who is happy focus on connecting with their energy to give you a greater feeling than where you are right now. Remember focus on their energy only, not their physical appearance. And, vice versa if you are feeling happy and you observe someone who is sad then share your energy with them, without them knowing about it. Remember, focus only on each other energy do not take in their physical form.
  • Go outside walk around visualize playing with the trees, grass, all forms of physical objects. Play around with the objects and see yourself changing into different forms, focus on the forms that you are comfortable with. Turn away from that which you are not comfortable with and observe only the objects you like (objects are people, places and things)
  • Continue to adapt to that particular form of desire. BECOME that FORM think of nothing but that which you DESIRE. Think solely of that particular form. Remember you are pure energy playing in the field of all possibilities. What you have your attention on will show up in your life.
  • Now, continue to play until your heart is content. I recommend you observe children playing most of the time because; they have an enormous amount of energy that they are always willing to share.

Exercise 2:

1. Take 10 – 15 minutes daily and play with your thoughts. I mean visualize certain things you desire to see in your life and simply play with those things by thinking about them.

2. Remember your thoughts are dynamic energy and the Universe is static energy. In order for the Universe to give you what you are thinking you must have a thought about it—then it will play itself out within the Universe waiting to one day take the physical form of that thought.

3. Always concentrate on your thoughts about that particular desire. Let the thought be whole not scattered so, it can come into the physical form as a whole thing…based on your concentration of the thought.

4. Always remember in order for the Universe to give you what you desire you must ACT UPON it with your thoughts…your dynamic energy must act upon the static energy simply by feeding it your thoughts.

5. Spend 10 – 20 minutes daily with playing (creating) with your thoughts. This is how you create your future in advance.

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